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donkey love

 At SassafrAss Ranch our donkey's have been hand picked for conformation, movement, temperament, balance, health, and overall general  presentation.  While color and spots are a fun plus, our breeding program will never focus on chasing fads or color. SassafrAss is committed to breeding eye pleasing donkeys that move as beautifully as they look.  Our goal is to raise quality loving, healthy, and happy donkey's while strictly adhering to the "Breed Standard".
*Please click on the donkeys name below for more information and pictures.*

Tomboy,Ava,and Trinket
the girls of SassafrAss

The Jennets: We currently have five outstanding Jennets. These girls are the foundation of our breeding program.

BR Trinket


Frontier Legends Tillie Baldwin


Corby's Caoimhe


SassafrAss Ranch HollyLane

Wee Friends Farm Josie

LER Night Sky ~Reference Jennet Only~