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Mack's pedigree speaks for itself.  His sire (above) is  Circle C Legend.  Little Motown is his Grand-sire on the dams side. Mack is the perfect example of a performance donkey who also can exell in the halter classes. 


 sass/MAck20600.jpgMack was one of our first Donkeys purchased from Mrs.Cindy Benson of Benson Ranch. We fell hard and fast for these lovable and mighty creatures. We dove right into our show career and Mack has never let me down. Our first show was in Eugene summer of 09. After having shown horses for years I thought this would be a piece of cake,but donkeys are not horses. This little man has taught me grace, humility, and humor. Mack is a  big part of our family and we look forward to continue showing, loving, and learning from him through the years. Raegan our youngest daughter and Mack just competed at the 2011 NCMDS-Great job!! Look out for this team in 2012.
Mack and Tuffy have moved to Washington.